Voices from California's Death Row


The Justice that Works Act and The Death Penalty Reform and Savings Act are both bunk. They don’t want to execute an innocent person and yet you’d take away their lawyers and give them LWOP, how nice.


Both Props are written by overzealous prosecutors who put us here in the first place. Also state does not pay for Federal appointed lawyers. You can keep people in prison for life without all this crap.

Voices from California's Death Row

Joe Johnson

1.      It’s not fair or impregnable to influences.

2.      I’ve been doing life without parole for the past 37 plus years!

3.      I would prefer top work. I don’t think there are enough jobs for all, LWOP’s now!

4.      If someone has to pay restitution, it should be money they earn, not funds received.

Voices from California's Death Row

Ramon Rogers

I have been on death row for almost 20 years, still currently waiting appointment of state habeas representation so my appeals can move forward. During these long years I have formed bonds and gotten to know many of these men for the persons they have become decades after their convictions, not for their crimes that put them here.  I would not want to see any of them be murdered by the state because we are all someone’s son, brother, cousin, uncle, father or grandfather. The 2016 California ballot initiative the “Death Penalty Reform and Savings Act” (the Reform Act) seeks to speed up executions while curtailing vital legal appeals. The Reform Act will be law by default if “the Justice that Works Act” (the Justice Act) doesn’t get as many votes.

Voices from California's Death Row


Question 1. Yes, I would love to see the end of the death penalty and why – well, I did kill someone and I’m ready to do my time for it but I refuse to take responsibility for a rape that didn’t happen.

Question 2. Well, I would rather have the LWOP then the death penalty but in my case I’m looking forward to going back to court to beat the rape charge and getting my sentence down to either 25 to life or 15 to life.

Question 3. Yes, I would like to work and keep busy.

Voices from California's Death Row

Stephen E. Hajek

I, Stephen E. Hajek, do not feel the death penalty should be repealed. This ballot does not show consideration to the situation prisoners deal with here. The fact that you are doing this is just aggravating because we all know your true interest lie in a pool of self-gratifying “feel-good” altruism. These types of initiatives are written to make you feel better, not us. 

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