Voices from California's Death Row

Cathy Sarinana

My Opinions

1)      Yes, I would like to see this initiative passed. The very thought of looking at death in the face each and every day causes me to be filled with panic, anxiety and terror, not to mention depression! Imagine living each day being nervous and edgy? With this initiative maybe being passed I will be able to lay my head down at night without a frightful image of being laid on the table., strapped down with on-lookers watching.

Voices from California's Death Row


1.      I think it would be a good idea for the voters to pass “the Justice that Works Act”. Not because it is good for us here on the row but because it is in the best interest of the people of California. Soon after I got your letter I got out my 2011 “The World Almanac” it has lots of facts in it. So I looked up the murder rates of each state in the USA. So I asked myself what do the ten lowest murder rates states have in common. I found that 6 of those states have no death penalty, not only that for the ten states the total number of executions since 1977 was just 9 people. Those states had murder rates range from 0.8 to 2.2 per 100,000 people.

Voices from California's Death Row


Anonymous by request

Re: Ballot Initiatives

Before he passed away, U.S. Supreme Court justices Thurgood Marshall, spoke on numerous occasions concerning the judicial/prison systems in the United States. On one occasion he stated that “The Windows of the Supreme Court building are larger than some of the prison cells.” Both men and women live inside these small cells for years or for the remainder of they’re lives.

Voices from California's Death Row

By: Loy, C-33245

1.      What happens to inmate that are innocent? All your appeals stop and you have to do life without parole?  NO.

2.      That sounds fair if a person commits a serious crime he or she has to be punished.

3.      There are inmates now on death row paying restitution and not working their family are paying the restitution.  Their family are being punished, also there are inmates on death row that are working and paying restitution and it’s working.

Voices from California's Death Row


By: J.H.

Answers to the questions asked:

1.      Passed, because killing wrong no matter the reason. It’s even worse when the thought of taking a life is on the minds of those wanting it for so many years. Talk about premeditation.

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