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Voices from California's Death Row

Ricardo-Rene Sanders

Greetings Campaign to End the Death Penalty, 

In response to the ballot initiative “the Justice that Works Act”…it seems that it has more to do with the interest of extracting more money from the families of the poor prisoners that are already being extorted, exploited and crushed under the weight of this current “justice” system, as well as new prisoners to come, which already financially abuse prisoners at/from every angle possible, with exorbitant prices & Fees for often substandard product. Moreover, adding insult to injury, by a push to force harsh labor demands, thus, turning the clock back a 100 years. 

Voices from California's Death Row

Mr. Lance I’An Osband

People who truly know Black/Negro history & USA Const-Amd-Laws know LWOP is high-tech form of slavery. Black Lives Matter. 

From Mr. Lance I’An Osband D84300

Voices from California's Death Row

Carlos M. Argueta


I would like to say thank you for your time and the text you sent concerning the ballot initiative “The Justice that Works Act.” It was very informative and just what we needed to know exactly what was being proposed. My opinion is quite easy. “Yes on 62! No on 66!” There comes a time when change is needed. And although the initiative is badly put together, it’s a start in getting rid of an inhumane practice. LWOP is death itself as well. I’m against that all the way. Reform is needed and the “Justice that Works Act” is a start that seriously needs revisioning. But let’s get rid of the death penalty first! Thank you for sharing this vital information with us and taking the time to inform us – as no one else has!

Voices from California's Death Row

Cliff Bolden

Yes, I’d very much like to witness this Justice that Works Act prevail as a ballot initiative over the Death Penalty Reform and Savings Act. We’ve endured far too many years here appealing shades of arguments in support of this or that case issue. And while seemingly meritorious their actual benefits (decadently) has only aided in age maturation. So yes, I’m all for closing this place down, or if we are to be legally lynched, then create a process so rapid and straight-forward it out do Texas ten to one!

Voices from California's Death Row

Joseph Nissensohn

1.      Yes and No. I’d like it passed for obvious reasons – No Death. But if it’s passed we lose a lot of our appeals, which means I don’t get to prove my innocence.

2.      If it wasn’t for the reasons I have stated in Q#1, I’d say yes. LWOP is better than the death penalty, especially since like me there have been so many people proved to be innocent after spending over 20 years on death row which keeps you locked in a tiny cell for 20-22 hours a day locked in that cell.

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