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Voices from California's Death Row

Gunner Lindberg

You want to change my sentence from death and no restitution to LWOP and impose a restitution to me which I don’t have – make me apart of CDCR’s slave labor force and charge me 60% and on top of that impose a tax under cover of restitution on my family and friends who send money into me up to 55% (it’s not 50%) CDCR asks for 5% themselves!

LWOP is the same as the D.P. We die of old age like you say. So I’d rather have the D.P. and not force my family and friends to pay your “blood taxes”, just because they want to send me money. Plus I believe in an “eye for an eye” so I believe in the D.P.

From Gunner Lindberg

Voices from California's Death Row

Carman L. Ward

1)      “The Justice that Works Act” sucks, and will not receive an endorsement from this writer! For to trade in my condemned label for that of a LWOP prisoner who – according to this writers reading of the sneaky, open-ended language articulated in Section 2 (6) – will have an opportunity to “work, in perpetuity”, for the victims right fund is a horrible plan. Who has ever heard of a person having to forfeit 60% of their $ for the remainder of their life time? (See Sec 3(2))

2)      Provided that the LWOP replacement is first detached from this horrible Act, this writer will reserve his support.

Voices from California's Death Row



1. Would I like to see the Justice Act passed?

No. This is another poorly thought out law. It is designed to lock up everyone regardless of the severity of their crime. I thought CDCR meant rehabilitation and not just locking them up and throwing away the keys. Someone should look into the special on prisons in Germany and other Europeans countries that 60 Minutes did. The maximum time someone does for murder is around 20 years, depending on the crime. Everyone has a chance to get out. Also, it’s slave labor with very minimum pay and the opportunity to gouge the public for as much as 60% of the money the people try to send to their loved ones incarcerated.

Voices from California's Death Row

Albert “Ru-al” Jones

Like many of guys I’m not for the D.P. but I have a case to prove my innocence, and the best way for me to get my shot at my freedom I need the court system.

So I rather stay on the row where I have access at these appeal lawyers and being on the row I have a good chance with the state and federal courts.

I know if they choose to speed up the appeal process a lot of innocent guys will get executed or LWOPP which I don’t want, so to have state habeas lawyers which I have now I need to see how this part of the process go, and if the state denied my appeal I’ll have a better shot at the federal level.

Voices from California's Death Row

Charles E. Case

I have always been in favor of the death penalty and after spending twenty years on this death row I am more favor than ever. So I would probably be in favor of the “Death penalty Reform and Savings Act. “

You are asking for my opinion of “The Justice that Works Act” so I will respond to that. If you feel that anything that I might say in this letter you might want to use on your website you can use my full name.

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