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Voices from California's Death Row


Anonymous by request

Re: Ballot Initiatives

Before he passed away, U.S. Supreme Court justices Thurgood Marshall, spoke on numerous occasions concerning the judicial/prison systems in the United States. On one occasion he stated that “The Windows of the Supreme Court building are larger than some of the prison cells.” Both men and women live inside these small cells for years or for the remainder of they’re lives.

Voices from California's Death Row

By: Loy, C-33245

1.      What happens to inmate that are innocent? All your appeals stop and you have to do life without parole?  NO.

2.      That sounds fair if a person commits a serious crime he or she has to be punished.

3.      There are inmates now on death row paying restitution and not working their family are paying the restitution.  Their family are being punished, also there are inmates on death row that are working and paying restitution and it’s working.

Voices from California's Death Row


By: J.H.

Answers to the questions asked:

1.      Passed, because killing wrong no matter the reason. It’s even worse when the thought of taking a life is on the minds of those wanting it for so many years. Talk about premeditation.

Voices from California's Death Row

RF at San Quentin

Response to “The Justice that Works Act of 2016”

1. Would I like to see the Justice Act passed? No. Not as proposed.

This proposed law is ill-thought out, poorly crafted, and I really doubt it will save money, or serve any real purpose other than pander to the frightened and vengeance-seeking voters.

Case in point: Under §2: Finding and Declarations”, the wording “…and severely punished” should be removed. While the law may appeal to the group who want vengeance, it’s not realistic. What is the state going to do as a means of severe punishment? Bring back torture? Floggings or beatings? Starvation? Lock someone up forever?

Voices from California's Death Row

Brian David Johnsen J-25500

The answers to your 6 questions follow:

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