Fund Drive Goal: $25,000!

Help the Campaign to End the Death Penalty

Credit: James Harris Sr.
The Campaign to End the Death Penalty takes on the Grim Reaper!

As the Campaign to End the Death Penalty reaches its fourth year, we should step back and look at our accomplishments. The Campaign has grown to the point where we now have chapters in 13 states. Activists in the Campaign have been involved with many important battles, from the fight for a moratorium in Illinois to the struggle to keep out the death penalty in Massachusetts.

Campaign activists have taken up the cases of individual death-row prisoners, holding meetings, organizing petitions and building demonstrations. We've invited family members of death row inmates to become central players in our organization.

Meanwhile, we've been able to connect with those on death row and involve them in their own fight. We've organized numerous "Live from Death Row" events - where prisoners have the opportunity to speak live via speakerphone to an open forum.

While abolitionists have a long way to go, we can see indications that support for the death penalty is wavering.

Activists need to seize the moment. The Campaign needs to continue its growth and step up its activities. But to do this, we need resources - especially the resource of money.

That's why the Campaign is launching a fund drive to raise $25,000 by September 1. The success of this fund drive is essential for the Campaign to meet the goals we've set for ourselves. Please give generously.

Send contributions to: Campaign to End the Death Penalty, P.O. Box 25730, Chicago, IL 60625. Make checks payable to the Campaign. If you'd like to make a tax-deductible donation, make checks out to: 8th Day Center for Justice/Campaign to End the Death Penalty.