Fighting For His Freedom

New Evidence In Madison Hobley’s Case Could Set Him Free

Madison Hobley
By: Susan Dwyer

"I’m not afraid of dying," Death Row 10 member Madison Hobley told Channel 5 investigative reportor Dave Savini in a recent televised report. "I’m afraid of dying without people knowing the truth."

After 14 years in prison, 10 of them on death row, Madison’s case is finally getting attention. Madison Hobley was convicted and sentenced to death for a 1987 arson that killed seven people, including his wife and child.

According to Dave Savini, Madison’s case is one "that’s raising eyebrows around the country." Savini punched holes in the prosecution’s case by reporting on real questions surrounding a gas can that was used as evidence against Madison. Notably, a fingerprint report, which was not released to Hobley’s attorney during his original trial, showed that Madison’s prints were not on the gas can that police and prosecutors say was used to start the fire. In addition, a photograph supposedly taken on the day the gas can was "found" shows it in perfect condition, lying next to a melted plastic chair.

Not surprisingly, Channel 5’s investigative unit had previously found that a secret audit of the Chicago Police Department’s evidence room showed that "hundreds of thousands of items were mishandled," and "guns, drugs and crime scene evidence are missing."

Madison’s sister, Robin Hobley, is convinced that the new evidence and continued pressure will ultimately win Madison’s freedom.

"I know Madison will be coming home soon," Robin told the crowd at a "Live from Death Row" event recently, "and I can’t wait."

The Campaign organized a demonstration in front of the courthouse before Madison’s last court date. Among those speaking out for justice for Madison Hobley and the other members of the Death Row 10, victims of police torture on Illinois’ death row, was exonerated death row inmate Ronald Jones. The Campaign plans another demonstration before Madison’s upcoming court date. We won’t stop until Madison is free!