Thank you

The Campaign to End the Death Penalty would like to thank an important funding source that gave us a technical assistance grant. We received $1,440 from the Crossroads Fund.

Crossroads Fund
3411 W. Diversey #20
Chicago, IL 60647-1245

This funding source has helped the Campaign in critical ways to keep our voice and our fight out in the public. We want to thank Crossroads for continuing to support our important work.


We are happy to announce that two new chapters of the Campaign have been launched. One of the chapters was formed several months ago, and is based in Greensboro, N.C. The other chapter is just being formed in Terre Haute, Ind., and is organizing mainly around federal death row, which is housed in Terre Haute. Welcome!

The new board of directors voted on at this year’s convention consists of: Gricelda Ceja, Greta Holmes, Alice Kim, Marlene Martin, Joe Moreno, Joan Parkin and Jed Stone (who will serve in the capacity of legal liason). Louva Bell has served on our board since it was founded at our first convention two years ago. She recently moved away from Chicago and has been unable to play as central a role in the Campaign, but we very much appreciate all her efforts to make the CEDP what it is today.