Capital Punishment

To take on the name "NEW Abolitionist" means one has departed from the traditional frame of reference and approach of former "abolitionists" and has embarked upon a NEW foundation whose frame of reference dictates a new approach. Additionally, to have a proper frame of reference is to have the proper point-of-view of a given situation, and that view in itself guides the manner in which one approaches the situation.

This newsletter and the Campaign to End the Death Penalty has embarked upon the path of educating the masses to mobilize them under one THOUGHT: The abolition of capital punishment.

People mobilized under one THOUGHT are people who UNDERSTAND what is happening because they have been educated about what they are seeking to abolish - capital punishment - and how to effectively, efficiently and completely abolish it so that it will not again take root later. A good example of what must not happen again is the 1972 Supreme Court decision stopping executions in the U.S. (a mere tree-trimming that stopped capital punishment in America for four years with weak rulings, which is not an uprooting), and the 1976 decision that brought the resuscitation and rebranching of capital punishment with more stems and firmer roots.

Some people advocate that which they know not, such as support for capital punishment. Their frame of reference is wholly inaccurate, and so must their approach to the rectification of the social ills in America be inaccurate as well. But what is the frame of reference of a "new abolitionist"? It is the proper understanding of "capital punishment," especially denotatively, for this (denotation, or etymology) deals with true meaning, and true meaning enables its believers to go about definitively in their struggle.

"Capital" is a Latin word and literally means "of the head." We all are far too familiar with the meanings of the word "punishment." "Capital punishment" Is PUNISHMENT OF THE HEAD.

Historically, this 'punishment' was inflicted upon the condemned by DECAPITATION. Today's infliction of capital punishment, notwithstanding the historically literal aspect of it is precipitated upon SYMBOLIC decapitation (or miseducation) of the American people.

It really has absolutely nothing to do with the alleged crime! It has more to do with race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, economics, geography, and political and occupational aspirations.

Everyone loses in this situation. The victims lose their lives. The victims' families are stuck with the hurt and pain after bogus prosecutorial promises of "closure." The people sentenced to death lose their lives. Their families are left without loved ones, and they do not receive any type of societal support for the injustices they suffered at the hands of a racist and classist system. And society loses, because its emotions are played upon and patronized.

The "NEW abolitionist" seeks to attack the problem at its root - the capital - where knowledge is stored. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that, "All over the Earth there is dissatisfaction, and the dissatisfaction is due to evil. The only way to cure it [is to] diagnose the nation, go and dig up the root and throw it out. Then you will be rid of it."

The root is miseducation, and at the root of THAT is alienation from God, and greed - capitalist-style greed! A problem well stated is a problem half solved. Punishing the heads - or miseducation - of the American people with lies and unfulfillable promises, merely to legitimize state murders, will solve nothing. It will only cause more things to happen, for capital punishment is nothing but a placebo strategically placed before the people for the benefit of a chosen few.

As-Salaam Alaikum (Peace Be On You All)
As-Siid Ben-Maryam (Tyrone Gilliam)
401 E. Madison St,.Baltimore, Md. 21202