Corruption Leads to Injustice

On Death Row, Menard, Illinois

By: Nathson Fields

For an update on Nathson's case, see the related story in this issue.

I greet you all in the Greetings of Peace, Assalaam mu Alaikum.

My name is Nathson Fields. I've been on Illinois Death Row for 11 1/2 years, for a crime I did not commit.

Here's my story; I was found guilty by former judge Thomas Maloney, who holds the dubious distinction of being the only judge in Illinois ever convicted of taking bribes in murder cases. Those defendants who paid the judge a bribe were set free. Those who didn't were sentenced to long prison terms and Death Row!

Indeed, the judge took a bribe from my codefendant's attorney, but realizing the case was being monitored for a bribe by authorities, he gave the bribe back and found me and my codefendant guilty in an attempt to camouflage the bribe! The evidence against me smelled "FRAME UP." The judge was found guilty in 1993, but despite this, the state has relentlessly and shamelessly continued to fight to uphold my conviction and execution.

The Attorney General and State's Attorney, by proceeding along this course, have in essence aligned themselves with the corrupt judge in their attempt to murder me (via execution) without due process of law. Voters should remember these shameful acts by our elected officials come election time.