Stop the execution of Jay Siripongs!

Jay Siripongs is scheduled to be executed by the state of California on February 9.

California's new Democratic Governor, Gray Davis, has refused to grant clemency for Siripongs despite gross errors in the original trial.

Jay's attorney had no experience with capital cases - and was too busy running for Congress to devote time to the trial. He left evidence untested and didn't call potential defense witnesses.

Jay's case is just one more example of the injustice and "death for death's sake" mania surrounding capital punishment. For example, the evidence indicates that a second person was involved in the murders of Packovan Wattanaporn and Quach Nguyen in 1981. Because Siripongs refused to identify this person prosecutors have relentlessly pursued the death penalty.

Prosecutors were so zealous that they never informed the Thai consulate of Jay's case, as required by international law (Siripongs is a dual national).

While Siripongs has never denied his involvement in the robbery, evidence of defensive wounds on his arms is consistent with his testimony that he tried to stop the murders. This, too, was left out of both the trial and penalty hearings.

Because of his religion and changed character, support for his clemency plea includes the husband of one of the victims as well as a former warden of San Quentin State Prison.

For more information about Jay's case and to get involved, call 415-789-8363.