The Fight To Save Eugene Colvin-El

"How Can You Execute A Man Without A Fair Trial?"

Eugene Colvin-El is scheduled to be the next person to die in Maryland's death chamber. The U.S. Supreme Court is currently reviewing Eugene's final appeal and could make a decision at any time. If the court rejects Eugene's request for a new trial, the state of Maryland could issue a death warrant for as early as March.

Like many on death row, Eugene has never received a fair trial. His lawyer was incompetent, prosecutors illegally withheld important evidence and the jury never heard the true facts in his case.

Eugene's niece, Norma Brooks-McRoy, spoke with John Mayer about her fight for justice for Eugene and the struggle against the death penalty.

What is the current situation in Eugene Colvin-El's case?

Right now, we're waiting for an appeal to try and stop them from giving Eugene a date to die. We are fighting for that right now, because he has never had a trial. Nobody really ever heard a lot of the evidence that the jury needed to hear. This man has been incarcerated for almost 20 years without a fair trial. How can you execute a man without a fair trial?

How has having a loved one on death row affected you and your family?

It's affected my mother a lot because she's the only girl in the family, and it's been hard to deal with having her brother locked up for so long without a trial. Because we're a poor Black family that can't afford representation, everything that happens is swept under the rug. That's a lot for my mother to deal with.

Eugene has lived a hard life and has been a thief since he was a little boy, but you can't execute a man because he was a thief for part of his life. How can they take his life because he has a history? I mean, he has a wife, kids, grandkids. He hasn't even seen his granddaughter except from inside the prison. That's a lot to deal with for our family.

What do you think about the use of the death penalty in the U.S.?

I believe that it's cruel and unjustified punishment for any human being. Man cannot punish man in that way. Only God can have the final judgment in life and death.

What would you like to happen now? What could people do for Eugene?

The best thing that could happen is to let a judge and jury hear his case. Don't hide while you execute him. Let him and his loved ones be heard. We want to go far and wide and get on every television station, radio station and bus that we need to give him a fair trial.

Like I said before, man has no right to execute man. That is murder-leave the decision up to God. We just want a fair trial, from beginning to end.

Signature Ad Campaign For Eugene

The Campaign to End the Death Penalty is campaigning to put a signature ad in the Baltimore Sun protesting the execution of Eugene Colvin-El.

We believe that Eugene has yet to receive a fair trial in Maryland, and we've started this signature ad in order to publicize the injustice being done to him before a warrant for his death is signed.

We hope to raise enough money for a half-page ad to be run as early as possible in February. In signing and financially supporting this ad, you will be joining hundreds of abolitionists and other people of conscience who want to see justice for Eugene and for all those who have been denied due process under the law.

Thank you for your generosity and for your commitment to justice.

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