I'm Not Alone In This Battle

Greetings of peace be unto you and the ever-diligent Campaign to End the Death Penalty. Thank you to the Campaign for your resounding and dedicated support in our struggle for my release and exoneration.

Let there be no doubt that with only 52 days left on the 60-day extension of speedy trial term, my release, freedom and exoneration should be less than two months away. We will have that big party after my release, so I can thank all the Campaign and supporters who rally, visit, make flyers, place articles in the Socialist Worker and the New Abolitionist, and give me the moral support that I much need by coming to court. When I walk into that courtroom and see Alice, Joan, Matt and Nate sitting alongside my wife and family, it gives me a feeling that I am not alone in this battle against a system which is unfair, corrupt and racist.

Steve Manning was exonerated yesterday, when state prosecutors dropped their case against him. This, of course, is great news. I watched him as he returned from court as we are on the same deck together -- his shouts of joy, the look in his eye showed relief. I silently wondered, when I am exonerated, if this is how I, too, would feel. Without question, the release of Steve Manning helps my cause.

My case could be tossed out the day the trial is scheduled to begin. However, my personal feeling is that I hope it does go to trial -- for all to see how I was framed and see the case collapse before our very eyes. So we are demanding trial -- steadfastly!

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