Mister, Why Did They Have To Kill...?

A Poem

By: Richard Vineski

Mister, why did they have to kill my dog?
He was a good dog, he didn't bother anybody.
Until mean old Mr. Jones came along and kicked him.
And even then he wouldn't bite.

Until old Mr. Jones started kicking him every day when he came by,
And then one day he kicked him extra hard, and kept on kicking him,
and my dog bit him.

Then he called the police, and they came and shot my dog,
'cause they said he's dangerous and bites people.

Mister, why did they have to kill my Dad?
He wasn't a bad man. He worked hard
and loved my Mom and me. But then Mom got sick
and there wasn't any money left to pay the rent.
So old Mr. Jones came and told us to get out.
And my Dad told him we didn't have any place to go,
but Mr. Jones said that didn't make any difference.

My Dad threw old Mr. Jones out the door,
and he came back with the police. And they said
my Dad was under arrest and to come out peacefully,
and he said, "No. This is my home.
When I get the money, I'll pay."
And the cops grabbed my Dad, and there was a fight.
And they killed him.

Mister, why did they have to kill my Dad?

Richard T. Vineski 78A-1767
Woodbourne Correctional Facility
Pouch No. 1
Woodbourne, NY 12788