Don’t Just Cry For Us

I was forced the other day to reflect further on the dignity of life.

The day I was sentenced to death was the day that the public said there wasn’t anything about me worth saving. Yet there was still life within me, which means there is still the ability for change. We must start addressing the real issues. Yes, crimes against the public must stop.

Yet I would ask the question: When we give up on the ability for someone to change, are we really saying humanity is doomed?

I can praise God for groups such as the Campaign to End the Death Penalty, the Illinois Death Penalty Moratorium Project, and too many others to try naming them all. They helped to breathe life and dignity back into my body and soul.

The lights are now on, and I’m willing to fight for my life and the many lives around me who have yet to feel and realize that there is value in the struggle for the dignity of life.

Yes, people should cry for the innocent men and women being sent to death row. That should be a given. But the death penalty should be about more: the despised and openly rejected men and women who may deserve the public’s rejection of their actions -- but never the sentence of death.

I hope to add my voice with the millions around the world who are calling for an end to this monstrous system of killing the killer to teach that killing is wrong. Now is the time to wake up to the spirit of returning people to the dignity of life.

We have the high ground, but will we use it? The words are out, bring on the willing souls. You can give back the dignity. Don’t just cry for us -- join our efforts.

Write letters, send funds, hold meetings to teach others about this struggle. Go into the courtrooms, and let them know you are there in support of the rejected and despised. Don’t allow deceptive intelligence to fool you today. Liberation is within your voices. Step up, we need your help.

Renaldo Hudson #B02995
P.O. Box 99
Pontiac, IL 61764