By: CEDP Staff

Thank you

The Campaign raised $1,800 with our December fundraising letter. We want to thank all of you who so generously donated. These funds helped to offset the cost of sending an organizer and former exonerated California death row prisoner Shujaa Graham to California in the important fight to try and stop the execution of Stan Tookie Williams. While our efforts were not successful, we vow to continue the fight. Thank you all!!

We’ll miss you
Noreen McNulty, who has been the Campaign’s office administrator over the past several years, is leaving her post at the office. We cannot thank her enough for all she has done running the office and keeping our records straight. Thankfully, she is continuing to volunteer to manage our finances! And, of course, she is remaining an active member of the Campaign’s Hyde Park chapter in Chicago. Thank you Noreen!

Julien Ball is our new office administrator. He can be reached at Julien@nodeathpenalty.org. Welcome Julien!

Tragic news
We were sorry to learn of the news that John Duval--who was wrongfully convicted of murder and spent 25 years locked up in New York state before winning his release from prison in 1999--has died.

John was active with the Save Tookie campaign, and just a week before his death, he was at the Campaign’s first meeting to launch a chapter in Rochester, New York. We will not forget John and will continue to fight injustice in his memory.