A Thank You Note from Our Intern

By: Ruthie Marie Jones

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to intern at the Campaign to End the Death Penalty.

I came to Chicago without a clear distinction of the type of internship I was looking for. I knew that I needed an internship that was involved in the Black community and involved in community activism. The Campaign to End the Death Penalty fulfilled both of these desires and provided me with a wonderful learning experience.

The members and volunteers of the organization have worked to include me in the Campaign and provide me with responsibilities and opportunities beyond stuffing envelopes. Although this was a portion of my “job description,” I was also able to learn hands-on skills that I will benefit from for the rest of my life.

The networking and press experience I gained from the national convention and the Voices from Death Row tour was definitely something that I had never experienced before and became a valuable learning experience.

Beyond community organizing, office support and the national convention, I would like to thank the Campaign to End the Death Penalty for having such a huge impact on my life. The Campaign to End the Death Penalty has impacted me such that I have realized my devotion to fighting for the rights of all American citizens.

The personal stories and accounts from ex-prisoners and family members have not only shown me the strength that humans possess, but it has brought this strength out of me.

The Campaign to End the Death Penalty has shown me that with organization and people, we the citizens have the power to change American politics and government. Thank you for making such a large impact on American society and myself.