This letter was written as a greeting to the CEDP’s convention held in November 2007

Let’s be proud

Hello everyone,  

My name is Ronald Kitchen--for those of you who do not know me, I’m a member of the Death Row 10. I’m sending you all my salutations of peace and love and I wish I could be in the presence of such kindred souls, however at my dismay, I cannot.  

For those of us who stand against the death penalty we have won some great moments in history...let us take a moment to highlight and celebrate those beautiful victories. We fought for the moratorium and with the will of God and us people we won. We fought to expose police torture and corruption and with the same will, we put faces to those charges. We fought for commutations and the release of the death row prisoners--it was achieved.  

So, let’s be proud about what we’ve achieved and always remember how we felt when we won the victories. And please let’s not fall under complacency--our goal is to destroy the house of death and if we have to do it brick by brick, wall by wall, let us do so. Our goal is for abolition and to bring Goliath to his knees. Our weapon of choice is not a slingshot and a stone--but our voices and beliefs in the truth.  

We will not shut up, step aside, sit down, give up, let up, nor give in to the powers that be. We must continue to educate, speak out and stand up to the government. We are no longer going to step aside to crimes that have been plaguing our communities for decades, like the torturing of our poor Black and Latino and white brothers and sisters.  

We are at a pivotal moment and must use all of our resources to motivate and uplift others to join us and our movement in fighting to free the innocent and justice for those of us who were left behind.  

I thank you, we thank you for your support, your sacrifices and voices.  

Yours truly,

Ronald Kitchen
P.O. Box 711
Menard, IL 62259