Voices from the inside

Messages from prison

By: Clayborn Smith, Troy Davis, Lisa Coleman, Rodney Reed, Timothy McKinney

These are a few of the many messages we received from prisoners over the holidays:

Thank you for all your staying power and hard work on the struggle for justice on behalf of torture victims. You’re doing a great job, and success is ongoing with your actions. You affect many hearts with hope. I really appreciate you all very much. 

Clayborn Smith, B-13485 Stateville Correctional Center P.O. Box 112 Joliet, IL 60434

I wanted to ask God to continue to bless, guide and protect you all. You are all an inspiration to many in this struggle. Never stop believing in what you are doing, because we are winning one case at a time because of all that you do. 

Troy A. Davis #657378 GDCP G-3-79 P.O. Box 3877 Jackson, GA 30233

I’d like to thank you and everyone who signed my card—that was very thoughtful, and I do appreciate it. There are so many wonderful things to remind us that life is good, and we are blessed daily. Thank you for your fight against the death penalty, we truly appreciate what you all are doing for us all. 

Lisa Coleman #999511 Mountainview Unit 2305 Ramson Road, Gatesville, TX 76528

Sending my love and strength, please continue to organize and educate—Campaign to END the Death Penalty, Austin, Texas. Solidarity! In struggle, we are one, and we WILL win! 

Rodney Reed #999271 Polunsky Unit 3872 F.M. 350 South Livingston, TX 77351

Your love, best wishes and solidarity really warms my heart and makes my day a little brighter. Thank you all for the strength and encouragement. May all your days be brighter and your load a little lighter. Your compassion and generosity are gifts to everyone. 

Timothy McKinney #234673 RMSI Unit 11 A-101 7475 Cockrill Bend Blvd. Nashville, TN 37209-1048