Voices from the inside

It will be abolished

By: Rob Will

This statement was written by Rob Will for the 11th Annual March Against the Death Penalty in Texas.

In fighting any battle against oppression, it’s necessary to pursue all avenues, and most certainly the ones that lead to the epicenter of the oppression. There is no doubt that the death penalty is an extreme form of oppression. It serves no purpose, it’s costly to society, it creates more victims, and promotes and enhances the culture of violence that permeates throughout our society. And indeed, can one imagine a more unjust action than a government entity executing an innocence person?

We know it has been done. We know Todd Willingham was innocent. We know that others who have been executed very well may have been innocent. Our fight, the fight to abolish the death penalty, is an integral part of the human rights struggle. Texas is the epicenter of the injustice that is the death penalty. We are the heart of the struggle for abolition.

Remember this as you organize. We’ve made many gains over the past year, but with these gains we must push forward to make more gains. Texas was the last state to completely do away with slavery, and it will probably be the last to abolish the death penalty. But even as most pro-death penalty advocates agree, it will be abolished.

And our grassroots organizing will be the impetus that brings about abolition. Continue to fight this righteous fight and know that others behind these walls are fighting with you. Let the inspiring events of today enhance your enthusiasm, and let’s make the coming year a year of organizing. Not just for us and for you, but for humanity.

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