"I'm Reminded Of Uprisings Of The Past"

Watching The Rebellion Against Police Murders In Cincinnati

Standing up to police murder in Cincinnati

Why are you still killing my brothers and sisters? And why do you still feel our lives, in the year 2001, are still not equal to yours? Observing the situation in Cincinnati, Ohio, is like watching a reoccurring nightmare -- confronting another legalized murder by the occupying forces of this modern apartheid system.

And when you see this happening over and over, you become fed up with the brutalities of the modern-day Gestapo committing legalized genocide. And the oppressed people have no choice but to take it to the streets and make what voices they have heard by whatever means.

Everywhere you turn, everywhere you go in the inner cities like Cincinnati, the minority communities have nothing to look forward to, no matter how hard they work to put food on the table. The majority of brothers are waking up every morning knowing it’s a game they face in order to make it another day, with their second-class education and the lack of employment.

And then you have to avoid the ruthlessness of the police, pulling over every minority they see driving or walking. Being pulled over at gunpoint and face down in the streets is degrading. You’re searched, your car is searched from top to bottom, and everything is thrown out. They find nothing, and then you’re talked to like you should have had a gun or dope in your pockets.

You find the words to question: Why were you pulled over? And these callous bastards tell you: Because we can! And you already know you don’t question that, or you will get your ass kicked or taken to jail, and these dogs will bring a false charge on you.

No one has the right to oppress another because of his/her race, creed or sexual preference! Isn’t that what the Constitution states?

You’d rather build a football stadium at the cost of millions of dollars instead of putting that money into poor communities. For example, Cincinnati has a community called Over-the-Rhine. Now this African-American community has an unemployment rate of about 50 percent, and the city of Cincinnati just spent an enormous amount on a football complex. This is an example of Republican and Democratic hypocrisy at its best.

This is happening not just in Cincinnati but all over the country, in every minority community. We’re forever hearing the same old tired political babble that’s spoken to the people in these communities, promising a better and more prosperous future for the minority families struggling every day to obtain that elusive American Dream.

Seeing my brothers and sisters running from gunshots in the streets of Cincinnati, I am reminded of uprisings of the past, while viewing those of the present. It reminds me of apartheid South Africa’s struggle during occupied times.

Minorities, especially African-American communities, in this country are tired. Tired of trying to be a part of this system. Tired of being murdered on the streets and in the prisons in this country. Tired of being lied to by the very people that we trust will open a door for our American Dream.

We’re not asking for you to just give us something. We’re asking for the same opportunity that every person in this country gets, and we’ll make it happen for ourselves. Instead, you don’t listen to our communities, until we’re forced to use violence in the streets. Then you want to come to our churches, while our families pray for hope. You politicians come and promise equality and racial harmony in the future. And you wonder why there is so much anger?

Mr. Dellano Cleveland 5eb84
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin, CA 94974

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