"I Don't Know If My Time Is Short"

Hello. I understand you find friends for those on death row to correspond with. That is very kind and decent of you. Would you please find someone for me?

I am deep in my federal appeals as I write this, so I do not know if my time remaining is short or if the court will grant me a new trial.

I only found out 10 days ago that my current appeals attorney lied to me about filing objections to the magistrate's findings. Strange, as he did file for an extension of time, which the court did grant in order to file objections. However, we had angry words in between the two dates, so I guess due to that he threw me in the trash. What other explanation is there?


James Bigby, #000997
Terrell Unit
12002 FM 350 South
Livingston, TX 77351

P.S. All of the male Texas death row is now housed at the Terrel address shown. There is no more death row at Ellis One unit in case you need to update.