"Our Voices Must Be Heard"

Greetings from the Inside!

I'm writing to share the enclosed pamphlets. I'm no great writer but have been struggling to put together a committee. I am not one who has the right to claim actual innocence. But I do claim innocence with responsibility!

At any rate, I have just read the New Abolitionist and thought maybe some of my words may be useful. I'm sure the argument has been heard many times, but in the event it has not -- closed lips don't get heard!

I would like to also thank all of you out there for working so hard and unselfishly spending precious time and money for this cause. I pray that your work is rewarded -- more so, I pray your days are peaceful and blessed, filled with the love and joy you so deserve.

To anyone interested, I'd love to write.

Surviving the struggle,

Tony Dameron, #K68537
P.O. Box 99
Pontiac, IL 61764

Update January 2005: Tony appreciates the support he has received, but at this time is no longer seeking pen pals.

An enclosed pamphlet by Tony appears here.

The death penalty and its killing machine have recently received a lot of attention around the country, and especially here in Illinois, mainly due to the 13 innocent men freed from death row in Illinois.

One of the remarks given as to why I should be given the death penalty was that I had "no rehabilitative value" -- mine was a life valuable to no one and no society. The sentence of death came from a single judge, acting in the name of the people of Illinois. As my family and friends, I believe you would suggest otherwise.

These coming months are going to be extremely critical in our struggle for justice, and I am going to need your help to prevent them from executing me. Those opposed to capital punishment and who are not speaking out -- now is you opportunity. A letter to express yourself costs only time. And while that in and of itself is valuable, it is worth stopping this vicious rumor that we, the people, desire these state-sanctioned murders.

Please write a letter in support of Tony Dameron -- write the courts, share your thoughts about rehabilitative value. We, the people, have a voice that is currently being misrepresented. It must be heard!!

A packet is being prepared to be presented to the courts. Your support is both valuable and appreciated. Forward all letters to: Regina Harris, Judicial Center, Suite 200, 37 W. 777 Rt. 38, St. Charles, IL 60175.