I may face execution again soon

By: Troy Davis

Hi. My name is Troy Davis, and I wanted to thank everyone fighting InJustice. Although I've received national support, I want to keep encouraging others to get involved with organizations that are seeking Justice for all of us struggling to prove our innocence. 

The Georgia Supreme Court recently rejected my plea for a new trial, despite seven of nine witnesses who testified against me signing statements recanting their trial statements admitting they lied.

There's no physical evidence linking me to this crime, so the police pressured/threatened witnesses into giving coerced statements. My fingerprints don't even match the shell casings they claim link me to the crime. Despite all this, no court wants to grant me a new trial. 

I was very disappointed at the Georgia Supreme Court, but wasn't surprised, because they would rather execute an innocent man before admitting the system of Justice is broken in Georgia. When an innocent person like myself doesn't have DNA to prove their innocence, it's almost impossible to get a new trial.

It's time to take a stand and speak out against the death penalty; let your elected official know that too many innocent people have been executed and exonerated. It's time to say "No More, Innocence Matters," and it's time to end the death penalty in America. 

Continue to march, protest and sign petitions voicing your support for those fighting injustice. Educate those in your community and churches calling for an end to the death penalty.

For over 18 and a half years, I've been fighting to prove my innocence, but no one would listen until now. Unfortunately, I came within 24 hours of being executed before someone showed concern. Now, once again, "justice for Troy Davis" is being denied. 

Thousands expressed their concerns to the parole board on my behalf while several witnesses told their stories about the threats used by Savannah police to coerce them into lying. Even a surviving victim came forward to speak out, and I was granted a stay.

I may face execution again soon if I can't get relief from the U.S. Supreme Court. I beg all those who believe in Justice/Innocence to continue fighting for me and others, because without your support, we'll just be another victim of the system. 

To my family, friends and supporters, I sincerely thank you all, because you've given my family and me more energy to fight. Let's not forget each victim's family because they are cheated every time the wrong person is convicted. We need to pray for them, just as much as we do for all of us sitting behind bars, unjustly prosecuted.

It's time to hold our police and district attorneys accountable. Enough is enough! Please log onto my Web site and get involved. Share contact information so we can help others: http://troyanthonydavis.org/support-troy-davis.html 

"Innocence Matters," and it's time to fight back. God bless you all!

Troy A. Davis
P.O. Box 3877 GDCP
657378 G-3-79
Jackson, GA 30233