Voices from the inside

I see my life wasting away

By: William Jones

Since the death penalty is now history in Illinois, I’m writing to see if you all would be willing to assist us in getting natural life off of the books. I’m not sure if you all have any more fight left in you after such a hard battle, but we need you and your organization.

After spending 23 years on death row, I was so happy when Governor Ryan commuted our sentences to life. But now after being off death row for 8 years, I see my life just wasting away in this place. There are no educational programs in this prison. I remember being called a walking dead man. Life without the possibility of parole robs you of your hopes and faith. When a person doesn’t have any hope or faith in the future, he many as well be dead. Please help us bring back a little hope and faith in our lives here at Statesville.

Before I close, let me thank you all for helping get the death penalty abolished. We couldn’t have done it without you.


William Jones #A66045

Stateville Correctional Center

PO Box 112

Joliet, IL 60634