Standing Up to Oppression

By: Andre Jones

To the New Abolitionist!

I greet you in the name of Peace, as Salaam Alaikum. My name is Andre V. Jones, Sr. I have been on death row for 19 years. I am writing in response to the article I read in your newsletter about a brother who is a dear friend of mine, Nathson Fields.

I can personally bear witness to the fact that the Menard Correctional Center has a very long history of racism and arbitrary harassment towards African-American convicts and any "convict" who stands up against oppression and injustice (I am speaking from personal experience from dealing, for over a quarter of a century, with these fascist and racist imperialists).

Brother Fields has been wrongfully convicted. Allah "God" blessed this good brother with a new trial. And his captives are still holding this brother hostage. [Nathson remains incarcerated and has been waiting over six months for a new trial.] My God, what must we do to see justice served and this brother released to his family? I am in extremely high hopes that you will send me some effective suggestions that myself and my family and friends will be able to utilize in helping my brother achieve his freedom.

If a person doesn't "stand" for something, they will fall for anything. Brother Frederick Douglass is absolutely right, "Without struggle there is no progress." And I say, words without action mean nothing. My family and myself would like to extend our greetings to him and his family. He knows he has our unconditional support.

Wa Laikum Salaam,
Aziz Mujahid Jadd, AKA Andre Vernell Jones, Sr., #A-10582
P.O. Box 711, Menard, IL 62259