I Sit Here Watching Them Build The Gallows

I sat here on death row today thinking and watching TV as the whole world rang in the New Year 2000: What will the future be?

I've been watching workers build the new door for the death house now known as Q-wing. Our state government is going to change the way they kill people here -- so it doesn't seem so cruel, but something nice and neat. Just lay down and get a shot, and then you're dead. Nice and neat, no flames from your head.

As I watch them build these new doors, so they can wheel in the gurney and wheel out the dead, I wonder: Is this what it feels like to watch them build the gallows -- to get things ready to make you dead. Oh, I'm not next, there're another three: Tony, Terry and Mr. Provenrona.

I'm glad they can't see out my window. I don't tell them what I see. I feel really bad for them. I don't want them to hear it from me -- the building of the gallows.

John Higgins, #059121
Florida State Prison
PO Box 181/ g1208
Starke, FL 32091