"Human Error That Defies Logic And Morality"

Nominated For Nobel Prize From Death Row

Stanley's book

Stanley "Tookie" Williams, a cofounder of the Crips youth gang and a Califonia death row inmate, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by seven members of the Swiss parliament for writing nine anti-crime and antiviolence books for children and for creating an international peer mentoring program for youth at risk for gang involvement. An active advocate against the death penalty, Williams wrote the following comments about California's most recent execution.

Capital punishment is a political and philosophical error -- it is vengeance disguised as justice. It is a human error that defies logic, defies morality, defies humanity and, like slavery, it defies God.

If eye-for-an-eye is the premise that constitutes justice, then why didn't the descendants of Native Americans and Africans in America seek justice for the human violations perpetrated against their ancestors? Why? Because their ethical spirit knew it would be an offense against God. America is not in a position to claim moral superiority when its past and present racism and capital punishment expose its moral inferiority.

The scheduled execution is a parody of justice being presented to every child of this country. It personifies an image of murder for murder, encouraging our youth to adopt a philosophy to resolve their pathologies through murder.

It doesn't take a genius to recognize why so many youth today are dropping their schoolbooks and instead picking up weapons to end a dispute.

There is no difference between a murderer and a system that murders when the predetermined outcome is choreographed death. Even under the universal truth of mathematics, the simple equation of murder plus murder equals a double murder.

What are the lessons to be learned? When a person commits adultery, is adultery enacted against him? When someone steals, rapes, molests, lies, discriminates or oppresses, does he or she receive likewise punishment?

Of course, the answer is no. Then why is there justice in a murder for murder? It is hypocrisy for any person, group or government to ignore their sins and closet skeletons to cast stones and boulders at others.

Stanley Williams, C29300
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin, CA 94974