Register now for the Campaign to End the Death Penalty’s Ninth Annual Convention

Join us!  Two days of lively discussion

November 7 and 8
Ida Noyes Hall, University of Chicago campus
1212 E. 59th St. at Woodlawn
Chicago, Illinois

Howard Zinn on “The Power of the People”

Saturday, November 7, 7 p.m.
at the I-House, University of Chicago
1414 E. 59th St. -- with moderator Dave Zirin

Howard Zinn, historian, author and activist, will speak on the power of ordinary people in changing the course of history. He is the author of A People’s History of the United States.

Featured speakers will include:

  • Martina Correia, sister of Georgia death row prisoner Troy Davis
  • Ronald Kitchen, recently exonerated death row prisoner from Illinois and Burge torture victim
  • Mark Clements, recently freed after 28 years in prison serving juvenile life without parole and Burge torture victim
  • Darby Tillis, exonerated death row prisoner from Illinois
  • Lawrence Hayes, former death row prisoner and Black Panther
  • Sandra Reed, mother of Texas death row prisoner Rodney Reed
  • Jeannine Scott, wife of newly freed Texas prisoner Michael Scott
  • Marvin Reeves, recently freed from Illinois prison after 21 years
  • Jack Bryson, whose son was on the platform with Oscar Grant when Oscar was shot and killed by Oakland police

Among the sessions:

Activists have made great strides in this past year, from Troy Davis winning a Supreme Court ruling in his case to the freeing of several victims of police torturer Jon Burge. How can we move forward to abolition? How do activists organize in the Obama era? What are our possibilities for building in this new period?

Georgia death row prisoner Troy Davis has won the right to finally be able to present evidence of his innocence in court. But as his sister and most vocal advocate says, “This is still an uphill battle.” This session will discuss what it will take for Troy to win, and what the impact of this case has had on the death penalty debate more broadly.

Featuring newly freed prisoners. We will also hear about the struggle to win justice for Texas death row prisoner Rodney Reed, and the ongoing battle to win justice for Oscar Grant, who was shot and killed by Oakland police.

WORKSHOPS will include both practical tool-building sessions and discussions taking up controversial questions facing our movement.

  • The Press: How to Get the Most From It
  • Coerced Confessions: Why Would Someone Confess to
  • Something They Didn’t Do?
  • Juvenile Life Without Parole Sentences: Are They Just?
  • Fighting for the Guilty, Too
  • Mumia Abu-Jamal and his new book, Jailhouse Lawyers

Registration for the weekend is $50. The special family member, former prisoner and student rate is $25. Limited travel scholarships available for family members and former prisoners. To register online, go to  Hotel rooms are available by calling the Ramada Inn at 773-288-5800. Mention the CEDP for a discount on the room. Rooms are also available with shared bathroom on campus at the International House. To make a reservation, call 773-753-2270. For more information, call the CEDP’s national office at 773-955-4841.