Voices from the Inside - A travesty in progress

Letter from death row

I am an innocent man who was convicted and sentenced to death based on unreliable evidence. The main witnesses who testified against me were in possession of the victim’s property.

I knew the victim. The police called my foreman and me to the morgue to identify his body. Then the police investigated me. They searched my apartment to rule me out as a suspect. Six days later, I was arrested. 

The witnesses (who I explained were in possession of the victim’s property) told the police I gave them the victim’s property. Supposedly, I did this while my apartment was being searched. Yet the police said I was never out of their sight during that time. 

The state used those witnesses against me despite the highly suspicious nature of their evidence. My lawyers failed to effectively impeach the testimony of those witnesses, despite the obvious ways they could have. 

The court has yet to use its discretion to stop this travesty in progress. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a lower court failed to properly rule on my petition for a new trial. On September 10, I have a hearing in U.S. District Court in Atlanta to determine what happens next. 

The reason for my writing this is to appeal to all people a sense of right and wrong and to ask that you please help me prove my case and gain my freedom.


Mr. Lawrence J. Jefferson

U.N.O. # 425035

P.O. Box 3877

Jackson, GA 30233