Support the Campaign's fund drive

By: Joan Parkin

In May, the Campaign to End the Death Penalty launched a fund drive to raise $25,000. We're off to a good start. Chapters in New York, Boston and Chicago are planning music benefits for September. Chicago is bringing together blues musicians to do a "Death Row Blues" event at a popular blues club.

There are plenty of other creative events that chapters can organize. For example, in August, the parents of a Campaigner organized a "coffee," inviting their friends over for an informal discussion of the Campaign's activities with family members of the Death Row Ten. The event raised $1,200. Meanwhile, chapters like New York are making an effort to raise money through local grants.

But we still have a long way to go before we raise $25,000 -- so we've extended the fund drive deadline to November 1.

It's been difficult for our campus chapters to raise money while schools are closed for the summer. But until school starts again, Campaign chapters can plan smaller events such as video showings, car washes and "coffees" -- not to mention other creative ideas to raise money. And don't forget to forward potential donor names to the office so we can send them our fundraising letter.

We can reach our goal -- but now is the time to give it that extra push!