"We won't let them sign that warrant"

PAM AFRICA, a member of International Concerned Friends and Family and a leader of the fight to save Mumia, talked about the recent controversy surrounding Mumia's case.

What do you make of the new allegations made by Philip Bloch?

It just shows the government's desperation to try to undo the magnificent work that's been done to bring Mumia's case to the forefront. Mumia says that it points out their desperation for people to think that Mumia would say something like this to someone he doesn't know.

I want to point out how this man from nowhere comes up. Nobody knows him, and he says that Mumia said "yes" when he asked him if he was remorseful about killing Faulkner. And it gets reported as a matter of fact. But when Mumia comes out with a 13-minute statement against all the lies that this man has said, nobody picks it up. It's as if Mumia never responded at all.

So what lies ahead?

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, the state said that it will sign a death warrant next month. So we're not taking any chances. We're calling other groups and organizations and asking people to call and write the governor to demand answers -- to demand of whoever answers the phone whether or not that death warrant is going to be signed.

Because once they sign the warrant, they put him in isolation and strip him of all his clothing. They take all of his legal papers and he would have no access to the library at the time that he has an appeal in the courts. The only visitors that he could get would be his attorney or one immediate family member. So we have no plans of allowing them to sign that warrant.