Illinois Death Row Inmates Win Hearings!

As The New Abolitionist went to press, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled in favor of new trials, hearings or sentencings in the cases of six death row prisoners.

Aaron Patterson and Derrick King, two members of the Death Row Ten - men tortured by the Chicago cops and sent to death row on the basis of false confessions - will get evidentiary hearings into their claims.

"The Illinois Supreme Court has finally spoken and recognized the evidence of police torture at Area 2," said Flint Taylor, lead attorney for Patterson. "This decision is significant not only to Aaron but to all the other men on death row who had confessions tortured out of them."

This decision represents a major breakthrough for Aaron, Derrick and the Death Row Ten - and furthers the cause of everyone on Illinois' death row. Congratulations to all who helped to publicize their cases by petitioning and protesting. Let's keep up the fight!