A few steps closer to the door to freedom

By: Kilroy Watkins

I saw a guy from the CEDP on the news speaking about the Daley/Devine connection to all of the torture cases, and that you all are demanding new trials for all the torture victims. I’m aware of the fact that a lot of the things that are now coming to light are a direct result of many years of hard work and dedication by unique individuals and many grassroots members and organizations.

Therefore, let me thank you personally and on behalf of all those who also have fallen prey to this corrupt and racist criminal just-us system...

I have learned to appreciate that all progress, regardless of how large or small, is still considered a few more steps closer to the door to freedom for us. Believe me, as a jailhouse lawyer for nearly 15 years and an HIV/AIDS and drug counselor, I know how difficult it is for you all to stay committed to fighting such a hot and political issue…

If there’s anything that I could do to assist you or anyone else for that matter, please don’t hesitate to holler at ya’boy!

In Struggle,

Roy (Kilroy Watkins) #B02385, Lawrence CC, RR #2, Box 31, Sumner, IL 61466