A death row art show

"I Shall Create"

Curated by Alice Kim and Sara Brodzinsky, this art show featured the works of death row prisoners Zolo Azania in Indiana, Kevin Cooper in California and Renaldo Hudson in Illinois. For the month of July, select paintings by these three artists hung on the walls of Treat Restaurant, a Chicago neighborhood restaurant. An art show opening reception was held at the beginning of the month to honor and celebrate the work and the resistance of these artists who dare to express their humanity on canvas, one brush stroke at a time. Now, "I Shall Create" is going on the road, as Kim and Brodzinsky plan to feature portraits (of freedom fighters like Frederick Douglass, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Frida Kahlo and others) painted by these three artists in new venues. For more information, e-mail alicekim11@gmail.com or sara.bzky@gmail.com.