Thank You

By: Marlene Martin

I want to send a very special message of thanks to all of those who have recently donated to our fundraising appeal letter and to those special "100" who are our monthly sustainers!

So often included with your checks are comments like "Keep up the great work" and "We will abolish the death penalty!" 

Donations come in all sizes and forms. One donation comes in the form of stamped envelopes from a prisoner at Cook County jail--with the address of the CEDP carefully printed on each envelope. And sometimes the donations are money orders for amounts of $4 and $5. From family members, from exonerated prisoners, from folks who don't have a whole lot, but still feel it's important to support the work of the Campaign.

And this gesture of giving, when it sometimes isn't so easy to give, is so touching to me. And it says to me that our work is just that important--our work is making a difference. 

Recently, we got a donation from the mother of Quent Reese. For all of us who knew Quent, he was a wonderful person, full of compassion and smart as a tack. Quent battled depression for years, and it got the best of him when he took his life nearly one year ago.

But before he did, he made it clear that he wanted all donations in his memory to go the Rodney Reed family. Quent had gotten close to the Reed family, and he believed firmly that Rodney, who is on death row in Texas, was wrongfully incarcerated and should be free. 

I want to thank Quent's mom for thinking of the Campaign--and to thank all of you for continuing to put a little contribution aside for the Campaign. A little contribution, combined with others, goes a long way towards helping sustain the day-to-day efforts of the Campaign--towards helping us get one step closer to abolition.

So, I sincerely thank you all. 

Marlene Martin
National Director, CEDP