Jail Jon Burge Press Release for Rally, May 24th

Friday, May 14, 2010


On May 24, 2010, 8:30AM, Daley Center, the Jon Burge Committee (Coalition) will Take A Stand against Torture. Burge and his Detectives rain systematic torture upon African American and Latino men who was taken into police custody at area two and three violent crime units, from 1972 until 1993. Much as 200 men are reported to have made complaints that while at these two police stations they were beat and tortured under the command of Burge and his Detectives. Today 20 of those men remain incarcerated inside some of Illinois most worse State prisons, having to suffer while Burge and his Detective have manage greatly from their pensions as Detectives. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, while in his capacity as Cook County States Attorney, ignored and covered up claims of torture made by some of the men. Daley has repeatedly denied that he knew of claims of torture, despite evidence showing that he was informed of torture in 1982. 19 of the men have been denied or hindered from hearing on their claims of torture. One of those men is Stanley Wrice, a Pontiac Correctional Center inmate. Wrice has medical evidence to support his claims of torture but has been repeatedly denied a hearing by Cook County Courts.

These acts of torture were motivated by racism which has been greatly down size by Cook County Courts. Burge and his Detectives is allege to have used racism toward his fellow officers and those who were tortured to repeat or sign confessions. Standing outside a newly built library Mayor Daley apologize to the torture victims and apologize that the tortures occurred, but to this day he has not lift one finger to free any of the men, but serve as the prosecutor to place them behind prison walls with long sentences ranging from 40 to the death penalty. These tortures have serve as a insult toward the African American and Latino communities, leaving criminals in society while innocent men have had to suffer from harsh prison conditions. Mark Clements, a 16 year old juvenile was taken to area three violent crime unit in June, 1981, beat and tortured to repeat a confession. He served 28 years behind prison walls. Today in his role as Administrator and National Board of Director for the Campaign to End the Death penalty, respectfully request for Mayor Daley, all Detectives who work under Jon Burge command who are labeled as Burge Detectives, All Prosecutors who help to cover up these tortures as well as all elected officials who fail to act to correct these tortures and to free the innocent men from Illinois prisons to resign immediately. "I was only a kid, but these detectives did not care, they beat me and the courts fail me", said Mark. This is a society that fight against torture in other countries but has ignored the tortures toward it's on people.

Burge tortures have serve as a insult toward the African American and Latino people. The Jail Jon Burge Committee (Coalition) request media to conduct interviews with some of the torture victims who remain incarcerated and to cover our event on May 24th.

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