Take A Stand against torture!-Let my People GO!!!

By: Mark Clements
Sunday, June 20, 2010

Take A Stand against Torture!-Let my People GO!!!
Date: June 21, 2010
Time: 7:45AM
Location: Federal Plaza/directly across from 219 So. Dearborn Street,
Chicago, Illinois

On May 24, 2010, Jail Jon Burge Coalition conducted a protest, rally,
and news conference outside City Hall, 121 N. La Salle Street, and
call on Mayor Richard M. Daley to be responsible for his behavior that
cause over 85 percent of the convictions that resulted from beatings
and tortured under the Command of Jon Burge at area two and three
violent crime units, from 1972 until 1991. The group of Chicago police
torture victims and activists called on Mayor Daley to be responsible
and to meet with Cook County States Attorney Anita Alvarez to suggest
through his recommendation that all 22 remaining Burge victims who
remain incarcerated as a result of tortured confessions be afforded
with a automatic hearing on their claims of Torture since the men have
all been found guilty off of the tainted confessions. This group also
highlighted three tortured men confessions. One was a 13 year old kid.
Tomika Erby a community activist sent a message of disappointment
and outrage directly to Mayor Daley, telling him "how dare you
torture our kids, how dare you Mayor Daley!".

On June 8, 2010, a group of activists under the Jail Jon Burge
Coalition served a letter to Mayor Daley and to all Chicago Aldermen,
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Cook County States Attorney
Alvarez, and the Cook County Public Defender office. That letter call
for Mayor Daley to be responsible and to ask Anita Alvarez to grant
the 22 men who remain incarcerated automatic hearings on their claims
of torture. Mayor Daley have ignore that letter, despite the fact that
this group attached a July, 2006, New York Times article, where Daley
said he shares responsibility for the tortures. We believe that Daley
has a legal obligation to try to correct what he now knows is true,
that African American and Latino men were indeed beat and tortured
while at area two and three violent crime units. It is also true that
the confessions were obtain as the result of beatings and torture
under the command of Jon Burge who is on trial for perjury. Burge
will resume Monday morning and he remains to deny that he coach,
entice, directed and participated in the beatings and torture of
nearly 200 African American and Latino men.

Mayor Daley has ignored the out cry of the community. Mayor Daley has
hid behind his office walls to avoid being confronted relevant to his
duty to meet with Alvarez to recommend to her that all 22 remaining
incarcerated men should be afforded hearings on their claims of
torture. Convictions that were obtain as the result of tainted
evidence under the Daley Administration when he served as Cook County
States Attorney from 1980 until 1988, Daley remains to have a legal
ethical responsibility to at the very least recommend to the current
States Attorney or Special prosecutors that out of fairness the men
should be granted hearings on their claims of torture that he now
knows occurred under the command of Burge. As Burge remain to lie on
the witness stand that he did not beat nor torture suspects Mayor
Daley has remain to keep silent and this is not a appropriate smart
decision by him, because if he admits and takes on responsibility for
the tortures, he
has a duty to attempt to ensure that the men receive hearings on
their tainted confessions to ensure the fairness of justice that is
afforded to all citizens under the United States constitution. State
and Federal Law prohibits beatings and torture to cause someone to
incriminate themselves against their will. These men, all African
American and Latino suspects were subjected to unthinkable beatings,
electric shock through alligator clips put on their ears and genitals,
suffocations with typewriter covers and plastic bags,

Former Governor Rod Blagojevich was elected mainly because he promise
to reform Cook County courts, to correct wrongful convictions, to
consider claims made by men that they were tortured, but he ignored
all of the men claims for clemency. Today those clemencies remain to
sit inside Governor Patrick Quinn office untouch without rulings. Some
of the men file there clemencies in 2003 and those petitions remain to
sit on the governors desk without a ruling seven years later. Stanley
Howard who was pardon in 2003 by Governor George H. Ryan, he remains
incarcerated this day at the Dixon Correctional Center, on a unrelated
charge in which Governor Ryan suggested was also flawed. Howard has
not seen freedom for over 25 years. Stanley Wrice, charge with a rape
where there is no rape kit, the victim claims that he did not rape
her, and the only evidence against him is a tainted confession.

Jon Burge and his detectives beat and tortured the men, Mayor Daley in
his capacity as Cook County States Attorney prosecuted the men,
despite new evidence released from a 2006, Special prosecutors report
that the men were beat and tortured, and that the tortures were
systematic, Mayor Daley and most Cook County elected officials,
including former Governor Blagojevich and current Governor Quinn have
refused to correct what they know for a true fact occurred to these
men. It is beyond the time that those who are in elected power to
correct the injustice that occurred to these men do so immediately. We
call on the conviction of Burge and that all detectives who work under
his command and is known to have tortured suspects that they be held
accountable for their actions.

On Monday, June 21, 2010, 7:45AM, we call on all media to cover this
event. The outrage of Burge tortures should be news worthy and
reported. Reaction from the people should be reported to Mayor Daley
and all responsible officials for a comment relevant to the Burge
trial and victims who remain to suffer from the harsh conditions of
Illinois prisons and they are innocent. We say Jail Jon Burge and to
free the innocent torture victims who have spent decades behind prison

Mark A. Clements,
Jail Jon Burge Coalition &
Campaign to End the Death Penalty

8th Day Center for Justice, Amnesty International, Campaign to End the
Death Penalty, Chicago Committee to Defender the Bill of Rights,
Chicago Copwatch, Chicago Justice Initative, Illinois Coalition
against Torture, International Socialist Organization, Kairos Chicago,
National Alliance against Racist & Political Repression-Chicago, Tamms
Year Ten, Wallace Gator Bradley-Urban Translator, United in Peace,
Witness against Torture, Stop the World, and Black Men Speak.