Take Action for Troy Davis!

If you were recently directed here (as of September 2011) please go to the more current organizing update for Troy dated September 7, which also links to newly updated materials.  The update can also be found at the top of our home page.

Download the CEDP's fact sheet and set up a meeting or tabling at your school, church, or union hall to inform people about the case.  Collect signatures on the petition and clemency letter at tables and from friends, family members or coworkers.  

Sign and share the online petition for Troy at:  www.takeaction.amnestyusa.org

Change your Facebook profile picture to a photo of Troy.  Like our page on Facebook for Troy called We Are Troy Davis:  Stop the Execution.

Organize a speakout for Troy.  Gather friends, activists, and concerned community members to a prominent place in your town to show support for Troy with banners, signs, and materials about his case.

Write a letter to the editor, article for your school newspaper, or blurb in your church bulletin about Troy's case.  Contact local radio stations and ask them to cover the case.

Call Georgia officials and tell them to stop the execution. Urge friends and family to do the same.

Governor Nathan Deal: 404.656.1776

Board of Pardons and Paroles: 404.656.5651

Make a short video that explains why you support Troy Davis.  These are being collected and broadcast on youtube. ContactBrit@nodeathpenalty.org for instructions.

Check our site for updates and information regarding a national day of action. E-mail randi@nodeathpenalty.org with questions, concerns, or ideas.  Also please keep us updated about what’s happening for Troy in your community!