In Solidarity

Tales from death row: Justice for Rodney Reed

Credit: Anne Szilagyi
By: Caitlin Adams

On Saturday, July 21st people from Bastrop, Austin, Houston and parts unknown came together in solidarity to raise money and awareness for Rodney's plight. The event was full of love, passion, commitment, dedication, great tunes, yummy food, fun, smiles, and laughter—exactly as Rodney had wanted! I want to thank everyone who had anything at all to do with bringing this event into being and in this week's blog share with you all the letter Rodney wrote that was read at the event:


"Power concedes nothing without a demand." Frederick Douglass

Hello to you all and thank you for coming out in support of this event and my plight for truth, justice and freedom. We all know the truth about this "criminal system of injustice". We hear about it, we read about it, we see it, and unfortunately, some of us have to live with/through it. Word is, we know about it. Plan is to continue to Organize, Strategize, Educate and Dedicate ourselves to one and another. We must be our brothers' and sisters' keeper, as we are all One. Lady Justice has had her blindfold on for way too long. Innocent men, women and children have lost their lives to this "criminal system of injustice". Families have been turned upside down and torn apart in the name of "Justice". One can plainly see the tragic irony in what has been called Justice. How do we fix this? We Organize—we Organize and Demand with clear conviction that truth and justice prevail.

For myself, this road—this winding road for justice has been long—nothing as short as the Tour de France, nothing quite that easy. I wish you all could see the smile on my face now—Tour de France. As you all know by now, I/my legal team have had another setback in this struggle for justice and my freedom. Did I say this winding road to justice has been long??? Yeah, we're not quite there yet; we still have some mountains to climb. With this "setback" we must not see it as such—we must see it as the "set up" for our next move. So, all please be encouraged—the struggle continues.

As for my well-being, I am as well as can be expected. I am staying strong. I am focused. I am optimistic. Prayerful—hopeful and full of love. None of this would be possible if it wasn't for the love and support that many of you have shown me and my family over the years, throughout this ordeal and my fight to freedom. It shall come! Again, I thank you all. I send my love and strength, in solidarity. If there was one thing I could share with you right now it would be my smile.

So, SMILE FOR ME! And take some damn pictures - I want to see every smiling face in the place! ENJOY THE FOOD ENJOY EACH OTHER ORGANIZE! ORGANIZE! ORGANIZE!

"Without struggle, there is no progress." ~ Frederick Douglass

The struggle continues...

With Love Always,

Rodney R Reed

In Struggle

A little post script here by me:

Rodney's reference to the Tour de France was adorned by one of his ever present personal "icons"—a Rodney smiley face, much cooler than any I've seen on the internet. Well, when I saw it, of course, I smiled and immediately thought, ah, a personal little message for me—ah—and then a second thought occurred to me—dang, it could be a cry for help! Each July, during the 21 stages and the two rest days of the Tour de France, Rodney receives daily stage reports, rider updates, crash reports, injury reports, strategy reports, commentary—the poor man barely hears any other news for those three+ weeks. Some might consider that "cruel and unusual". Oh, he and I had a good laugh about that at our last visit!

We will continue to Fight the Power, we will continue to stand in solidarity, we will continue to demand, we will continue to be our brother's keepers.



Caitlin Adams is a resident of Bastrop, Texas.  After meeting the family of Texas death row prisoner Rodney Reed outside of their home in early 2011, she began writing with Rodney.  She has developed a friendship with Rodney's mother Sandra and his family in Bastrop, as well as making regular trips to death row to visit Rodney. 

After learning about the facts of Rodney's case, Caitlin has become an advocate for Rodney Reed – here we present Caitlin's story about her journey for justice.