Update on Rodney Reed's case.

By: Bryce Benjet

Here we are happy to have Rodney's tireless appeals lawyer, Bryce Benjet, offer a short update on the latest news in the case:

Followers of Rodney's case know much of its tumultuous history, and the significant evidence of innocence. Much of this is detailed in a piece by Jordan Smith in The Nation magazine.

The most recent development in the case a new opinion from Dr. Roberto Bayardo, the forensic pathologist who conducted the autopsy in the case and testified for the State. Having reviewed his work in the case and the opinions of the habeas experts, Dr. Bayardo does not now believe that the presence of Mr. Reed's sperm and DNA indicates anything other than a consensual affair. In fact, he believes that the condition and amount of the sperm indicates a sexual encounter at least a day before Stacey's death. The crux of Dr. Bayardo's statement is that the State twisted his opinions at trial to falsely accuse Rodney. Dr. Bayardo's opinion is one of a number of forensic experts who have now disagreed with the State's theory that Rodney raped and murdered Stacey. In over a decade of litigation, the State has never presented a single expert witness to contradict any of the scientific opinions exonerating Rodney.

Despite the important breakthrough of Dr. Bayardo's statement, the federal district court has denied Rodney's case. We are currently appealing the decision to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and will continue to pursue every legal option and investigate any information we receive to find the truth in this case. 

Bryce Benjet
Staff Attorney, Innocence Project
New York, NY 

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