Voices from California's Death Row

Albert “Ru-al” Jones

Like many of guys I’m not for the D.P. but I have a case to prove my innocence, and the best way for me to get my shot at my freedom I need the court system.

So I rather stay on the row where I have access at these appeal lawyers and being on the row I have a good chance with the state and federal courts.

I know if they choose to speed up the appeal process a lot of innocent guys will get executed or LWOPP which I don’t want, so to have state habeas lawyers which I have now I need to see how this part of the process go, and if the state denied my appeal I’ll have a better shot at the federal level.

But I do understand the guys that do want the LWOP thought because they are guilty and don’t want to die here and I respect all that. And there are the guys that have nothing left on their appeal and waiting on the courts to give the state the okay, so I feel for them. So this is a double edge sword for many of us on the row. 

From Albert “Ru-al” Jones