Voices from California's Death Row

Cliff Bolden

Yes, I’d very much like to witness this Justice that Works Act prevail as a ballot initiative over the Death Penalty Reform and Savings Act. We’ve endured far too many years here appealing shades of arguments in support of this or that case issue. And while seemingly meritorious their actual benefits (decadently) has only aided in age maturation. So yes, I’m all for closing this place down, or if we are to be legally lynched, then create a process so rapid and straight-forward it out do Texas ten to one!

Just want something to happen here, procedurally, in a major way. But by no means do I appreciate nor acquiesce to life without parole over the death penalty. An encaged death by any standard. For anyone is unacceptable, but if you gotta do it – if but for your loved ones there in the free world, then make the very best of it.

Indentured servitude or admin wage labor fits snugly in with the rituals of captivity. One’s background and/or experiences will either vehemently contest the rule of sub minimal wage laboring for a corporate penal industry, or concede that this lifelong coercive chore is installed with certain long range incentives that may prove useful to their needs (strangely so).

To the exiles with restitutive mandates enclosed with their sentences, this cycle of cause and effects is diversified by the role of one’s participatory action during the alleged commission of said act(s). And the variants are not so broad…

Voting is a peoples fundamental right and should never be declared invalid, no matter how differing our viewpoints.

Freedom is s constant struggle.

From Cliff Bolden