Voices from California's Death Row


Question 1. Yes, I would love to see the end of the death penalty and why – well, I did kill someone and I’m ready to do my time for it but I refuse to take responsibility for a rape that didn’t happen.

Question 2. Well, I would rather have the LWOP then the death penalty but in my case I’m looking forward to going back to court to beat the rape charge and getting my sentence down to either 25 to life or 15 to life.

Question 3. Yes, I would like to work and keep busy.

Question 4. I don’t have a problem with 60 percent being taken out from my working wages but I don’t agree with it being taken out of my money that my family sends me. My family is on S.S.I. and welfare. That’s not fair to them. Restitution should only be taken out from working wages.

Question 5. No, it doesn’t change my mind. I hope we end the death penalty.

Question 6. Yes again, I would like to see the end of taking restitution of our money sent by families. It’s a burden to families who are on S.S.I. and welfare but I don’t mind it being taken out of wages being earned by working. I love what you guys are doing thank you for all you do for all of us. 

From Ruben (last name withheld)