Voices from California's Death Row

Michael J. Schultz

Q1: No, would not like to see “The Justice that Works Act” passed because it is unfair and imposes an unfair hardship on both inmates and families.

Q2: I feel both Life without Possibility of Parole and Death Penalty are cruel and unusual forms of punishment especially for a nation such as ours (USA) that wishes to think of ourselves as civilized. The first step in becoming civilized is to stop with these forms of punishment. People, I believe, can be rehabilitated.

Q3: Obviously not all inmates can work – if they are unable (i.e. medically, etc.) But work is good for people and they should be paid a fair wage. Nobody should have to be forced to work.

Q4: Having to pay 60% is wrong. This imposes an unfair tax on inmate’s families. If an inmate owes a restitution then perhaps they should only take from what an inmate earns and not what their family and friends send to them.

Q5: This question makes no sense because if a ballot measure passes to abolish capital punishment, then that should supersede any other measure. The point is moot about speeding up executions.

Q6: As with Q1 both death penalty and life without are cruel forms of punishment and life without may be worse, because it’s a lingering slow death, whereas the death penalty is finite. My opinion is that we must send the circle of violence if we ever with to become a civilized society. People can be redeemed.  

From Michael J. Schultz