Voices from California's Death Row

Glenn Cornwell

In response to your request that we write our thoughts on whether we’re for or against the applicate of the Death Penalty, my thoughts on the topic reads as follows: If you look at how people of color are being gunned down for no reason, wheat makes you think the evidence gathers, courts and district attorney’s aren’t in bed with defense attorneys against the accused in the worst of the worst cases? What leads you to believe investigators aren’t convincing people it’s their civic duty to testify, misidentify and abuse the process? 

               Actually, the Constitution states all D.P. Cases should be back in court within a year. Calikkk created “Policy three.” It calls for a record correction, direct appeal, and then Habeas. The process takes between ten and fifteen years. In violation of the U.S. Constitution. Also, in California, the courts charge 187pc, then use 190 PC to add the aggravating or mitigating circumstances to charge special circumstance. Federal law says the must charge 189 PC to get to 190.. 187PC is a malice second degree murder. The California Supreme Court claims it’s “tradition to charge 187 and not 189.” 

               It’s also tradition to burn black free towns and buy Indian Scalps for five dollars each. Federal Law says they should charge 189 pc.  This means if the charge is legally wrong, the jury didn’t get the right jury instruction, therefore the verdict can’t be reliable. The lapse in allowing Habeas Corpus to take ten to fifteen years to be heard is a due process violation. Evidence is lost and fades, also 80 people have died, and only thirteen were executed. Those who committed suicide and dies from this and that, may times died without access to the process.  

               Lastly, D.P. Juries have to “Death Penalty Qualified”, meaning mostly conservative and pink. O.J. had two murders and didn’t face the D.P. Manny Babbitt had one murder and was executed. Manny fought in Khe Sanh in Vietnam, did two tours and was a real hero. That’s my problem…..

               My last concern reads as follows: I was convicted of the murder-robbery with the use of weapon in April 1995. In 2003, the inmate who was the cellie of the inmate who gave me this case (and was let out of jail for his lying testimony), originally had made the same statement about knowing me. He recanted his statement and admitted he really didn’t know me. 

               Lastly since 2007, I’ve been in the Eastern District Court. Since then the Magistrate Judges have passed this case to six different Judges. All of them start off claiming they’re gonna “deal with this case and let the chips fall where they may.”  Six months to a year later it’s, “I wouldn’t touch this case with a ten foot pole,” or “You are never to mention my name as every having been involved in this case.” So my question to you is: If this system of doing things is so lawless, what makes you have confidence in any of the convictions? Also since twenty five percent of the inmates cleared by DNA evidence CONFESSED to the crimes they were sentenced to die, how can you not sue for some reasonable sentence like countries such as Germany and Holland?  If Hitler’s people could take the sticks out of their behinds, there’s hope for you yet. 

From Glenn Cornwell