Voices from California's Death Row

Luis Maciel

1.      Would you like to see “The Justice that Works Act” passed or not? Why or why not? 

 Yes, I would love to have this campaign finally end the “cash cow” that has been taking money from the sole future of our children. Closing their ideas in what a true society really stands for taking money from the sole workers that keep our economy in stable position, but to find out that 225 million was endorse to San Quentin to rebuild a new building for condemn, which somebody’s decided to pocket our “sole workers” moneys – wow!

 2.      How do you feel about the replacement of Life Without the Possibility of Parole (LWOP), instead of the death penalty?

I have no problem in being replaced with LWOP no problem at all to finally put an end to this unjust campaign from every corner from their sleazy pockets. 

 3.      How do you feel about the requirement that all those with LWOP sentences have to work (this would include all those currently on death row)?

Me, myself, I love to work, and to be very honest I would love to get up every morning to go to work to finally have a life!!

 4.      How do you feel about the mandate that all those with LWOP sentences would have to pay 60% of their wages earned toward restitution if they have restitution orders in their case?

I truly believe this mandate is very proper. Why? You have to pay your payments in society go to work every day to put food in your belly put a roof for your family pay your light bill all bills that are endured by natural living in society. We need to feel like an honest human being. 

 5.      There is also a ballot initiative called "The Death Penalty Reform and Savings Act" that seeks to speed up executions. If both pass, the one with the most votes will go into effect. Does that change how people should vote? Does that change your opinion of the Justice that Works Act?

Oh yes, the Death Penalty Reform and Savings Act. This act is a “joke”. First, the Attorney General wants 120 million to rewrite the entire act that only makes sense to them who want more money. Then to shit all over the law that protects every individual’s sense of life. 

 6.      If you have other opinions about these initiatives please tell us.

We need to rebuild our lives instead of sitting in the back of the human race, instead of creating more chaos or abusing our fundamental value. 

From Luis Maciel